NewsApr 6 2017 9:36PM
Samurai Set is now back in Gacha!

Greetings Templars!

For those who missed it. We have good news! The Samurai set is back! See the photo below to view the stats that they can give. Get those costumes and get back to dungeon raiding!

Here are the latest costume sets available:
Samurai Set

Here are the stats for Samurai Set.

Option 1 ATK Increase 3%
Option 2 DMG Reduce 2%
Option 3 Increase ATK (Battle only) 4%

Set Effect
2 Set: Accuracy - 40%
3 Set: Max HP Increase - 25%
4 Set: Increase damage to all Element - 20%

Harness the accuracy and speed of a Samurai Warrior and get your costume now!

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