NewsApr 6 2017 9:38PM
Guess the Image Event!

Hello Templars!

Do you know a lot about Arcane Dragons? This time, we are going to test how well your eyes see color. Of course, your knowledge in Allensia will be of great help in solving this puzzle. One of these is a defensive passive skill And the other one is something that you can use for summoning pets.

1) Comment you answer together with your in-game name.
IGN: CMHeidel
1. Exit Shot
2. Health Potion

2) Each player can answer only once.
3) No editing of answers.
4) Players with the correct answer will receive the rewards below.
5) Duration of the event is April 6, 2017 - April 7, 2017(EST)

One lucky winner from the participants will get 6 Star Weapon Ticket
1st to get 2 Answers correct = 200 rubies
2nd to get 2 Answers correct = 100 rubies
3rd to get 2 Answers correct = 4 Weapon Ticket

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