ArcaneDragons was started in late 2019 as a website with the desire and purpose to cover and commentate on the goings on in the video game and tech industries. We’ve been steadily growing in both unique visitors who are looking for latest gaming tips and tricks and subscribers and try to constantly get out at least one quality tips and tricks guide per day.

This website, was setup to provide further coverage, more news, articles and even dare I say a growing a community.

Who runs ArcaneDragons?

ArcaneDragons is run by two people, Matt Veraz and Simon Lasat. We’re both friends in real life and decided we wanted to get more involved with the gaming community.

Like Simon I’m from United States and have had a love for video games and tech since I can remember. I’ve had a plethora of consoles and consoles. The first of which was a pong machine, complete with a paddle controller. I was really young at the time, and the machine was old even when I was given it by a friend of the family.